Some Ideas To Help Planning For The Ideal Bedroom Renovation.

Although everyone has different tastes, so not all of our suggestions will be well received by everyone, there are some bedroom furniture essentials that all comfortable, convenient bedrooms will contain. As the bedroom is somewhere that we will be spending a large percentage of our lives, it is certainly worth putting extra effort, more time and more money into the re-design or renovation, and ensure it is just the way each of us wants it. So, take your time to plan out a list of all the decorations and furnishings that you would like to have in yours, and then use that list as reference when measuring up the various items and units you plan to fit into the room so that you can carefully place each item on the list in its more suitable area of the room, while also paying attention to how you can use the different furniture and decorations in a way that they help complement each other.

Although everyone has different tastes, so not all of our suggestions will be well received by everyone, there are some bedroom furniture essentials that all comfortable, convenient bedrooms will contain. As the bedroom is somewhere that we will be spending a large percentage of our lives, it is certainly worth putting extra effort, more time and more money into the re-design or renovation, and ensure it is just the way each of us wants it. So, take your time to plan out a list of all the decorations and furnishings that you would like to have in yours, and then use that list as reference when measuring up the various items and units you plan to fit into the room so that you can carefully place each item on the list in its more suitable area of the room, while also paying attention to how you can use the different furniture and decorations in a way that they help complement each other.

The more obvious furniture units that everyone should have in their own bedrooms are of course a bed, a wardrobe or closet, a chest of drawers or a fitted drawer unit, a mirror, a bedside table or two and a lamp of some sort, ideally a lampshade or two for each of the bedside tables. Then for me, I would also include some sort of console table or desk for studying, a trunk or other type of storage unit, a rug to place on the hard wood floor, preferably a cow-hide rug, a laundry basket and a couple /few paintings/pieces of art to hang on the walls.  I also would opt for extra storage units built into the walls, high up where the wall and ceiling joins, and then below those units or on another wall, I would put up some shelving for stacking a book collection and some important files. Then to complete my ideal bedroom, I would purchase a nice new flat screen TV and place it on top of a stylish cabinet.  If the space I have available in the room is not enough to comfortably fit in a TV Cabinet then I would buy myself some TV wall brackets. The wall brackets for the TV are of course a great space saving solution, and they also offer the flexibility to easily tweak the angle of view for your TV, enabling you to watch your favourite shows from anywhere in your room.

Hopefully reading this post will help you with planning out your perfect bedroom and perhaps it will provide some ideas that you had not been thinking about before. As with so many things in life, achieving great results with your renovation will be heavily relying on the attention applied to the planning. Good luck!

Are Bedside Tables Essential Furniture For The Bedroom?

Have you ever stayed in a place that did not have bedside tables/bedside lamp tables? I recently moved into a new apartment that was sold as being fully furnished, and for the most part it has been great. The furniture is all new and of a high standard – none of it is cheap and uncomfortable, so I have to give the landlord some credit for that, however there is a bit of a lack of units of furniture throughout the entire place. It seems as though there was a budget that needed to be stuck to and rather than buying slightly cheaper furniture and making sure all necessary units could be accounted for, the landlord instead went with the approach of buying only the bare essential, but buying top quality; each unit must have come at a high price. I can’t grumble too much about this though, as honestly this is the way I would also go about furnishing my own place. I firmly believe that when furnishing one’s home, it should be thought of as an investment and you should stick to that approach even if it means having to furnish your home one unit at a time.

bedside table

One unit of furniture that I really noticed missing, as it was making a difference to my day to day living, was the bedside table. I have always lived in a room that had a bedside table, sometimes 2 bedside tables and I guess I had just grown to become too used to having them and making use of them first thing in the morning and last thing at night, so now that I didn’t have a bedside lamp table it was causing me to misplace items, read a lot less and I even felt like it as impacting on the quality of my sleep. Is this just me with this problem or is it the same with everyone else? Perhaps you might not have as strong feelings as I do about needing the bedside tables, but do you see them as being a bare essential in a home/bedroom? If you moved into a ‘fully furnished’ place, would you expect without any questions, that there will be bedside tables?

beautiful bedroom furniture

As you will be spending much of your time in your bedroom, it is important that you plan and design it in a way that will have you living (or sleeping) in total comfort and satisfaction. So you need to make a list of the different items of furniture and bedroom fittings that you will need to purchase as well as planning out where each unit or item of furniture will be placed in your room. The number of furniture items and the size of them of course will be guided by the size of your room, so perhaps this means you will have to opt for a queen sized bed rather than a king sized, or maybe a wall hung TV instead of TV stand or cabinet. You also need to consider the space you will need for storing away all your clothing, bedding and maybe also towels Etc. Lastly, you probably have numerous items of memorabilia, files, books and other personal belongings that will also need their own place in your bedroom.

The most important item of furniture for most people will be the bed – you want to make sure that you get one that is big enough for either yourself or both you and your partner to sleep comfortably in, so give this some good thought. You will also need take time to decide on the type of mattress that will best suit you/and your partner – so this may be a strong firm type or perhaps one that has a bit more bounce, but not so soft that it offers your back no support.

beautiful bedroom furniture

For your clothing, you should try and get yourself both a wardrobe and also a shelving, styled storage unit – this might be a cupboard or a chest of drawers; these two units will give you the space for your hanging clothes and also your socks, underwear, bedding, towels and other items that you will fold and store away, neatly in their own place. If you can also find space for fitting a mirror somewhere within the bedroom then that is also ideal as it is a way of getting more light into the room. Also, everyone wants to be able to take a look at themselves every once in a while and make sure they are looking good before leaving their bedroom.

If you have a lot of books and files then you should think about where you can put up some shelves so that you can neatly stack all your reading material and important documents somewhere that is out of the way and safe. You should also plan to have some kind of work-top surface in the bedroom which is where you can place make-up, perfumes, computers and other personal belongings. Finally, I would advise investing in a storage trunk, because they look great and they provide lots of storage space to easily hide away any other personal items that you don’t want to be creating clutter and mess.

I hope this helps to give you some ideas and plan out the perfect room and helps to avoid any costly mistakes.

bedroom furniture

The bed can often be one of the more expensive home furniture items you have to spend your money on when moving in to a new place or moving in to the first home of your own. Although you can of course find beds at relatively low price points, I would advise against trying to save money on this item by going for the cheapest option, unless your financial situation really is in a bad enough state that it makes purchasing anything other than the cheapest option an absolute must. The reason why I can say with confidence, that you will be totally thankful & satisfied about spending big on the best bed your money can afford you, is because you will be spending between a quarter and a half of your life lying in that bed, so for this reason alone, you should make sure that it is a place that provides ultimate comfort and support.

You may have noticed that it is common for older or even middle aged persons to be complaining about certain types of aches and pains and a lot of the time these are actually back-pains/pangs and if you dig a bit deeper, you might find out that a majority of these pains and pangs have developed in these persons bodies because of the bed they lay down their head in each night. The poor quality beds can offer little to no support for a person’s back, and in some cases the bed springs actually start piercing through the mattress fabrics and leave bruises on the owners/sleeping victims.

bedroom furniture

Even if you are lucky enough to avoid being one of these people that suffers from back pains, another good reason to stay away from a cheap bed and opt for the more expensive is because of the quality of sleep you will enjoy, or not enjoy depending on the bed you purchase for yourself. Getting a good night’s sleep can be so important for helping with being productive the following day; if you have been up throughout the night, then you will likely be short tempered and have a low concentration span, whereas a good night sleep will help with being able to make decisions faster & with more clarity. Your ability to handle any situation will be greatly improved due to the good rest you awarded your body with the night before.

So, in a nutshell the answer to this question about ‘how much should you spend on your bed?’ should really be ‘as much as you can afford’.

The wooden furniture is a basic for home decoration, give warmth, combine with other furniture, colors and textiles and bring that natural essence of the material itself.


Untreated wood or just a protective layer. Or furniture based on real or simulated trunks. Do not doubt that it is a good way to give your house a rustic and very youthful air.



There is nothing like a good family meal. The dining rooms are the meeting point where you feel comfortable with yours. The decoration with wooden furniture has a lot to do, since it is a material that transmits a lot of warmth and gives your spaces that feeling of comfort

so today we want to inspire you with tips for choosing the right type of wood for your home. Original ideas to decorate with wooden furniture.


Wooden dining room set 

The cherry wood is a durable wood with a fine grain, ranging from reddish brown to blond. It is often used for carved chairs, but it also appears on the tables and cabinets in the pure lines shaker style. Pros: It takes shape easily, and it polishes well. Without spots, it has a rich and beautiful color. Cons: It is expensive and sometimes darkens with age.


Original set of wooden baby furniture

The Arce is a hard-creamy white wood that sometimes has a reddish tint. Being one of the hardest wood species, maple is often chosen for heavy-duty items such as cabinets and kitchen furniture.


Great kids room with wooden furniture

Pros: Arce is affordable and ultra-resistant. Because it is prone to staining, maple is often dyed to mimic more expensive wood, such as cherry or mahogany. Cons: If the maple is not properly sealed, the dye finish may have spots.


Beautiful natural wood furniture

Oak is a hard wood that tends to be very grainy. There are two varieties: red oak, which ranges from light brown to pinkish red with a whirlpool, and white oak, which has a striped tiger grain with yellow rays and spots.


Original kitchen island design with wooden surface

Linden is a common wood, often used in combination with woods such as walnut and mahogany. Its color varies from white-cream to creamy brown or reddish, with broad stripes and sometimes a little darker. The grain is straight and uniform. The American lime is fine grain, with very small pores. It is cheap.


At the time of decorating our home we have many things in mind (budget, space available, functionality, comfort …), but there is something that most of us usually follow above all. We are talking about the trends that always serve to have an updated house.

Among the most outstanding trends in decoration 2018 it should be mentioned that this season minimalism is still the king of interior design. So, the simplicity in the furniture and the bare decoration, factors that generate a feeling of simplicity and naturalness that are very warm, are the order of the day.


Another style trend in 2018 is the renovated classic style that also becomes very important, so try to combine them to create fun and original environments. Accessories such as vases, paintings, clocks, mirrors and other antique pieces will again be important within the room.

this year the natural thing is the fashion that will make the strongest furniture. So simple materials such as wood, glass, metal, stone or bamboo, among others, predominate. These materials manage to create clean, orderly and very warm spaces, in addition to adding to the trend of ecological and sustainable fashion that is so strong in recent years in fashion and society.


On the other hand, it will become more fashionable to reuse furniture and decorative objects (old ladders, cages, old windows …). For this reason, the recycled decoration will continue to be one of the trends in interior design this year as they add to the natural and ecological trend that we have just told you about. In addition, furniture made from recyclable materials such as walnut, oak, cherry, beech or pine is made. It is also important that you keep in mind that upholstery is trend.


Regarding the trend colors, this year what will take most will be the fresh and cheerful combinations of strong tones with other lighter tones (browns with greens, grays with reds …). The trends in decoration 2018 bet for spaces that are cheerful and very colorful but, yes, creating a good tonal combination that allows us to create pleasant stays to relax and enjoy our home.


Of course, do not forget that the emerald green color is fashionable and, therefore, it is usual that this year you find walls painted with this tone as well as decorative objects or even furniture that are made with this color. The reason is that this color is very linked to vintage fashion and, as we have indicated, it is one of the trendiest styles in the decoration of 2018

The organization of the furniture in your living room begins with a floor plan that takes into account the decoration, the design of your house and the flow of traffic you want to create. Traffic patterns can help dictate how to organize your furniture and choose to decorate the living room.


Focus point

Take a look at your living room and determine if there is a point or piece of decoration that you wish to make your centerpiece. This could be  a sofa or entertainment center. Anything that draws attention should be established as the central point from which to organize your furniture.


Narrow living rooms

Long, narrow living rooms should be arranged so that the furniture helps reduce the perception of length. Place chairs or the sofa or even a table at right angles to the wall to deactivate the problem of the narrow form. A corner unit is an effective way to deal with the problem of where to place the TV.


Large size living rooms

A large living room should be arranged so that it can be used for more than one activity. Place the furniture so that you have cordoned off specific sections for things like playing video games, watching television, listening to music, reading or just vegetating. The key here is to organize and decorate so that traffic patterns do not overlap and disturb. Consider using windows, cabinets, shelves and high-backed chairs to isolate one section of the room from the other.


Box shaped room

A large square living room can be avoided by investing in a focus point that diverts attention from the square feel. The idea is to make the living room look longer. And an effective way to create this illusion is by investing in a short set of shelves for books that span the entire length of the wall.



You could invest in lighter chairs and tables or furniture with wheels so that your design can be easily rearranged to suit the social need of the grouping. The design of the furniture with easily moved also gives you more flexibility to change your mind about how the living room is arranged.


Coffee tables nowadays come in all shapes and sizes. When organizing your living room, keep in mind that while the coffee table is useful for temporary storage of everything from dishes to textbooks, it can also become an obstacle to free movement. Choose your coffee table with mobility in mind, as well as a large enough surface area for storage.

Leather is the most suitable material to make your home add a touch of luxury and elegance. The leather furniture can dominate a room and make it look cold or as if it were a space that has no decoration.


Modern design


Decoration ideas using black leather furniture. Believe it or not, black leather furniture is super comfortable and neutral. This type of furniture is resistant that can support pets and the smallest of the home. It is true that these black leather furniture costs expensive, but it is worth buying, because they last for many years and are very elegant for decoration. For example; The black leather sofas have a super masculine style and can adapt to any space. Therefore, it is very important that you add color to all the walls of the room. It is better to choose light colors to paint the walls, these colors not only combine very well with the black leather furniture, but also make the space visually wide.

Most colors combine with black. For example; To create a modern color palette, we have to combine black, red and white. Using black with shades of gray and brown we will create a super tranquilizing environment. Remember, fresh paint on the walls will make the room look finished.


Classic infallible


Let’s start with the classic and basic: accompany your sofa with a range of natural and clean colors, such as browns, earth, ocher, yellow and green. The contrast with the chocolate color will be perfect and harmonious. Nothing flashy, but at the same time with personality.


Although this approach is not the only option. if you want or have a chocolate-colored leather sofa. And the truth is that, however much you like the idea, sometimes it is somewhat complex to integrate it, mainly by two factors: color and material. Neither of them is easy in decoration, and less in such high doses. But it is also that the sum of both results in a piece of furniture that has everything: it occupies a lot visually, it feels very heavy, it shines a little (or a lot, depending on the type of leather) and also brings certain old airs. That is, a priori it is not very attractive. BUT (well, in capitals, because it is a “but” very large), the brave who dare with a brown leather sofa have a winning horse, a diamond in the rough, an ace in the sleeve.

world furniture

Actually, these styles are obtained by mixing different elements of various styles of decoration. But it is necessary to know the fundamental aspects of each one, so that you can decorate your home for yourself.


  1. 1. MidCentury Modern

The golden age of this movement that was in the mid-twentieth century and hence the name: Mid Century Modern. The finishes were much simpler, without many details, but with high functionality. Hence, always comply with the characteristics of form and function. It had great boom in the Scandinavian countries, here was betting on a technological design, functional and affordable. (Nordic style) It was a visionary and innovative style for its time that is still valid today especially in furniture, where we find pieces that became icons of design.


Mid Century Modern features:

  • Simple, linear and clean forms of subtle elegance.
  • Elimination of unnecessary details.
  • The forms and structures are shown, they do not hide.
  • Industrial production elements are included in the design.
  • Nature prevails, adapting housing to it and using natural material elements such as wood.
  • Fluency and horizontality between the different spaces of the house.


Ccelebrating the style that is now recognized by scholars and museums worldwide as a significant design movement.


  1. 2. Scandinavian

The Scandinavian style is based on the well-being of people through the creation of a simple environment that transmits peace and tranquility. The pursuit of happiness is the main purpose of this decoration, which, through the small details, tries to create an environment that favors calm enjoying the little things in life


Characteristics of the Scandinavian style:


  • Simplicity, uniformity of colors
  • Soft contours.
  • Balance of organic and industrial materials.
  • Furniture of simple, contemporary and functional forms.
  • Basic elements but that bring warmth and comfort to the environment.
  • Light colors, white, beige or gray.


Scandinavian style as well as the simply classic one is accepted worldwide.


  1. 3. Bohemain

The decoration of Bohemia captures the free and adventurous spirit of the avant-garde lifestyle. Hippie chic represents the lifestyle of people who enjoy simple things, contact with nature. The key is present a purposefully “messy” look.


The Bohemian style is characterized by:


  • Use natural materials, wood, animal skin in contrast to metallic details. Layer on textiles (throws, pillows, rugs, tapestry) for a warm ambience.
  • Ethnic and nomadic elements, such as Moroccan accessories or tribal designs.
  • Use of rich and creative prints of vibrant colors, in purple or red tones.


The bohemian style is accepted and used by people that have an unconventional way of life, usually artistic


  1. 4. Classic renovated or modern classic

Its most current, since there are few whose renew their house or premises with the purest version. The classic style has evolved towards more contemporary environments leaving behind, the heaviness of the fabrics and the noble woods.


Tips to get a classic decoration renovated:


  • Contrast between the clarity of white walls and the generally dark furniture, although you can also see completely clear spaces. (Both the space and the furniture).
  • Traditional forms such as moldings on walls, ceilings and doors, skirting boards of considerable height are maintained.
  • Furniture of simpler lines of conservative essence, are combined with high quality fabrics. Smooth or with subtle patterns of soft colors that hardly stand out.
  • Mix of more modern pieces through its design or its finishing material. Like the contrast of sofa in tufted glass tables and shiny metal.


The renovated or modern classic styles are also accepted by people. In general, we can find these in such places as houses, hotels, companies and apartments.


  1. 5. Industrial

The industrial style, also known as loft style. It is a decorative style that has its origin in the typical architecture of the industry. An unpretentious architecture and visual appeal that has to do with its exposed brick structure and its materials. Emphasis is placed on the liberal use of exposed steel with wooden elements. A more modern variant, includes accents in copper tones. A rough, rustic, and cold


Tips to get an industrial style:

  • Large windows
  • Materials seen and worn, such as: brick, cement and lots of steel.
  • Pillars and exposed beams
  • Conduits and pipes of the facilities in sight
  • Diaphanous spaces, wide, without partition, with very high ceilings


Industrial style; now really popular in Thailand because this style is unique and attractive people with a rough, rustic, and cold