How Much Should You Spend On Your Bed?

bedroom furniture

The bed can often be one of the more expensive home furniture items you have to spend your money on when moving in to a new place or moving in to the first home of your own. Although you can of course find beds at relatively low price points, I would advise against trying to save money on this item by going for the cheapest option, unless your financial situation really is in a bad enough state that it makes purchasing anything other than the cheapest option an absolute must. The reason why I can say with confidence, that you will be totally thankful & satisfied about spending big on the best bed your money can afford you, is because you will be spending between a quarter and a half of your life lying in that bed, so for this reason alone, you should make sure that it is a place that provides ultimate comfort and support.

You may have noticed that it is common for older or even middle aged persons to be complaining about certain types of aches and pains and a lot of the time these are actually back-pains/pangs and if you dig a bit deeper, you might find out that a majority of these pains and pangs have developed in these persons bodies because of the bed they lay down their head in each night. The poor quality beds can offer little to no support for a person’s back, and in some cases the bed springs actually start piercing through the mattress fabrics and leave bruises on the owners/sleeping victims.

bedroom furniture

Even if you are lucky enough to avoid being one of these people that suffers from back pains, another good reason to stay away from a cheap bed and opt for the more expensive is because of the quality of sleep you will enjoy, or not enjoy depending on the bed you purchase for yourself. Getting a good night’s sleep can be so important for helping with being productive the following day; if you have been up throughout the night, then you will likely be short tempered and have a low concentration span, whereas a good night sleep will help with being able to make decisions faster & with more clarity. Your ability to handle any situation will be greatly improved due to the good rest you awarded your body with the night before.

So, in a nutshell the answer to this question about ‘how much should you spend on your bed?’ should really be ‘as much as you can afford’.