Hotel Beds Are The Most Comfortable

Whenever I stay at a hotel (well at least a semi-decent hotel), I always enjoy the most comfortable rest and a great long sleep that is usually well overdue. It is no wonder that they get away with charging so much per night for their rooms when they can offer such a good night’s sleep, but what is it about the hotel beds that make them so great, and why is it so difficult to replicate this same comfort at home?

Hotel beds

Well the secret is usually in the actual bedding and although the mattress and frame will also need to be of a certain quality, the bedding is what maximises the comfort and sends everyone off to Lala land, or the land of the nod without too much trouble and tossing and turning. Most people will try and save a little when it comes to buying pillows, bed sheets and duvets, but this is where we are all going wrong because it is these very items that can have us sleeping much better more frequently. This elevated, improved sleeping will lead to being more alert during the day, being more effective at the office and being more clinical at closing the deals, so it wouldn’t even be long before the money spent would be made back and more!

You need to make sure that you buy the very best cotton sheets, the softest pillows, filled with duck feathers and the same for the duvets. Then the mattress will need to have a nice thick, but soft cover so you cannot feel the springs in the bed, and you have some extra padding. The frame will then need to be strong and sturdy so that you are not rocking the bed and making noise every time you move a limb or turn over during the night. So there you have it, you now know how to get the perfect, hotel kind of sleep at home, so go out, go forth and buy up all the best bed linen and enjoy!