Don’t Forget to Make Room for Storage Space

For any of you who are currently planning on renovating or re-designing your bedroom, also for those of you who are about to move into a new place – you will be doing yourself a favour by taking 5 – 10 minutes out of your day to give this post a read. You don’t want to make the very common mistake that so many fall victim to, which is in failing to properly plan the furniture they will be fitting into each room of their new home or renovated rooms. Believe it or not, one of the most frequently items or furniture that is overlooked by so many homeowners are storage units. It seems that it is quite easy to forget about this seemingly unimportant, but in reality essential type of furniture that every household requires. If you think about it, you will most likely have some type of storage furniture, or storage designed unit fitted or placed in every single room of your home, and it is because they are totally necessary. If I think about my home and the number of storage designed furniture we have within it, I can count into double figures – having kids certainly ups the number, as we have to make room for all their toys, games, shoes etc.

The reason I started this post talking about the bedroom was because it was the bedroom that came top of the list for the room at home that is most frequently designed, renovated or fitted with too little storage space. Everyone (or most people) remembers to include a wardrobe and perhaps a chest of drawers for folded clothing and things like socks, pants and other underwear, but this is as far as many homeowners go when considering storage furniture for their bedrooms. So my advice is to give some good thought to what additional clothing, books, folders, gadgets, items etc that you own that you would prefer to have in your bedroom, but stored out of site and away from all the dust. I am almost certain that all of you can think of plenty of additional items that will require a great deal more storage, so you need to plan for those items and ensure you fit your bedroom with however many more units of storage furniture you will need.

The obvious items to get started on would be the bedside tables – in my opinion every double bed should have 2 bedside tables to accompany it, one for him and one for her. You would of course place your reading lamp on this table (unless you have it fitted to the wall), and then within the drawer and/or door storage space, you will be able to place all the personal items of yours that you like to keep close to you; watch, wallet, keys, photos, alarm clock, note-pad, diary Etc. I advise that you should also consider investing in a trunk as they can store a lot within and they not only look great, but most will double up as a coffee table or short table of some sort. For me, I also like to always have a desk placed in one corner of the room, something to offer me a space where I will be able to sit, open up my laptop and take care of some last minute emails or do some late night shopping, or whatever else might be on my mind. The desk will also provide additional storage space both within it and on the top of it. Also you should remember that you can make use of the wall-space you will have within your bedroom and choose the right spot to put up some shelves. You will need to the shelving unit for neatly storing your favourite books and perhaps some important files and papers.

I think that about covers it, unless there is anything I may have missed out that you can add into the comments section? So now you can continue with fitting your bedroom safe in the knowledge that you will have sufficient storage space for everything that you need.