Designing Your Kids Bedroom Can Be a Lot of Fun


KIDS' ROOM DECORATING IDEASFor most people the challenge of having to re-design and/or renovate their properties will be something that is considered as a chore, however there are also many of us around who relish the opportunity to rip out the old and come up with something different to bring in a different ambience or character to a room or an entire home. So, within this article I am going to be talking to those of you who have this penchant for painting and decorating at home.

All of you who do enjoy the whole experience of planning and executing a new look in whatever room is needing a ‘face-lift’, and have children at home, will hopefully share the same excitement as I have when the time comes around for creating a bedroom for the little ones. For me, it simply does not get better within the home painting and decorating game, than to be working on a child’s bedroom. The reason I get excited about the challenge of having to design, decorate and furnish a bedroom for a child or children, is because, if it is done well and with a consideration for what that particular child is interested in or obsessed with at the time, then the finishing product will be fully appreciated by the receiving child or children (if there is more than one child sharing the room in question – we have twins at home), more than it would be possible for any adult. This is mainly true because of the wild imagination that we all have as kids, and in how far the imagination can drift when the lights go out – especially if the room the kids are sleeping in is littered with glow in the dark stickers, glow in the dark paints and decorative hanging & fitted objects.  Then there are also the wide range of colours you can apply to a child’s bedroom; the possibilities you have when facing the painting of the walls are literally endless.

Kids Bedroom

Now, I know that you could, if you wanted to, paint any room of your home with a multitude of colours, but I can almost guarantee that if you did, you would end up with a home that felt like organized chaos, and any guests you ever have the pleasure of entertaining will likely get an underlying feeling that there is a possibility that you are a little bit bonkers. However, when it comes to painting your kids bedroom, you can go wild and come up with all sorts of colour coordination’s & get creative when choosing what kind of theme you will be following to help spark your little one’s imaginations, and they will love you for it. For example, when I was a very young lad, of around 4 – 8 years old and was sharing a room with my brother who was 2 years my elder, our parents decided to apply a Jungle styled theme to our bedroom – They painted Giraffes, Lions, Monkeys, Trees, Bushes, Snakes and a number of other wild animals and fauna. They also covered our ceiling with glow in the dark stars and a big moon and my brother and I thought it was simply amazing. I remember sleeping in the top bunk of our beds and the Giraffes head was painted so it was just peering over my bunk and smiling at me – I loved it.

So, if you were not someone who got excited about the necessity to design or decorate a child’s bedroom, perhaps you are now after reading this article and all being well, you will have got some ideas of your own that you now just can’t wait to go ahead and apply to the job at hand.