Decorating trends 2018


At the time of decorating our home we have many things in mind (budget, space available, functionality, comfort …), but there is something that most of us usually follow above all. We are talking about the trends that always serve to have an updated house.

Among the most outstanding trends in decoration 2018 it should be mentioned that this season minimalism is still the king of interior design. So, the simplicity in the furniture and the bare decoration, factors that generate a feeling of simplicity and naturalness that are very warm, are the order of the day.


Another style trend in 2018 is the renovated classic style that also becomes very important, so try to combine them to create fun and original environments. Accessories such as vases, paintings, clocks, mirrors and other antique pieces will again be important within the room.

this year the natural thing is the fashion that will make the strongest furniture. So simple materials such as wood, glass, metal, stone or bamboo, among others, predominate. These materials manage to create clean, orderly and very warm spaces, in addition to adding to the trend of ecological and sustainable fashion that is so strong in recent years in fashion and society.


On the other hand, it will become more fashionable to reuse furniture and decorative objects (old ladders, cages, old windows …). For this reason, the recycled decoration will continue to be one of the trends in interior design this year as they add to the natural and ecological trend that we have just told you about. In addition, furniture made from recyclable materials such as walnut, oak, cherry, beech or pine is made. It is also important that you keep in mind that upholstery is trend.


Regarding the trend colors, this year what will take most will be the fresh and cheerful combinations of strong tones with other lighter tones (browns with greens, grays with reds …). The trends in decoration 2018 bet for spaces that are cheerful and very colorful but, yes, creating a good tonal combination that allows us to create pleasant stays to relax and enjoy our home.


Of course, do not forget that the emerald green color is fashionable and, therefore, it is usual that this year you find walls painted with this tone as well as decorative objects or even furniture that are made with this color. The reason is that this color is very linked to vintage fashion and, as we have indicated, it is one of the trendiest styles in the decoration of 2018