For any of you who are currently planning on renovating or re-designing your bedroom, also for those of you who are about to move into a new place – you will be doing yourself a favour by taking 5 – 10 minutes out of your day to give this post a read. You don’t want to make the very common mistake that so many fall victim to, which is in failing to properly plan the furniture they will be fitting into each room of their new home or renovated rooms. Believe it or not, one of the most frequently items or furniture that is overlooked by so many homeowners are storage units. It seems that it is quite easy to forget about this seemingly unimportant, but in reality essential type of furniture that every household requires. If you think about it, you will most likely have some type of storage furniture, or storage designed unit fitted or placed in every single room of your home, and it is because they are totally necessary. If I think about my home and the number of storage designed furniture we have within it, I can count into double figures – having kids certainly ups the number, as we have to make room for all their toys, games, shoes etc.

The reason I started this post talking about the bedroom was because it was the bedroom that came top of the list for the room at home that is most frequently designed, renovated or fitted with too little storage space. Everyone (or most people) remembers to include a wardrobe and perhaps a chest of drawers for folded clothing and things like socks, pants and other underwear, but this is as far as many homeowners go when considering storage furniture for their bedrooms. So my advice is to give some good thought to what additional clothing, books, folders, gadgets, items etc that you own that you would prefer to have in your bedroom, but stored out of site and away from all the dust. I am almost certain that all of you can think of plenty of additional items that will require a great deal more storage, so you need to plan for those items and ensure you fit your bedroom with however many more units of storage furniture you will need.

The obvious items to get started on would be the bedside tables – in my opinion every double bed should have 2 bedside tables to accompany it, one for him and one for her. You would of course place your reading lamp on this table (unless you have it fitted to the wall), and then within the drawer and/or door storage space, you will be able to place all the personal items of yours that you like to keep close to you; watch, wallet, keys, photos, alarm clock, note-pad, diary Etc. I advise that you should also consider investing in a trunk as they can store a lot within and they not only look great, but most will double up as a coffee table or short table of some sort. For me, I also like to always have a desk placed in one corner of the room, something to offer me a space where I will be able to sit, open up my laptop and take care of some last minute emails or do some late night shopping, or whatever else might be on my mind. The desk will also provide additional storage space both within it and on the top of it. Also you should remember that you can make use of the wall-space you will have within your bedroom and choose the right spot to put up some shelves. You will need to the shelving unit for neatly storing your favourite books and perhaps some important files and papers.

I think that about covers it, unless there is anything I may have missed out that you can add into the comments section? So now you can continue with fitting your bedroom safe in the knowledge that you will have sufficient storage space for everything that you need.


KIDS' ROOM DECORATING IDEASFor most people the challenge of having to re-design and/or renovate their properties will be something that is considered as a chore, however there are also many of us around who relish the opportunity to rip out the old and come up with something different to bring in a different ambience or character to a room or an entire home. So, within this article I am going to be talking to those of you who have this penchant for painting and decorating at home.

All of you who do enjoy the whole experience of planning and executing a new look in whatever room is needing a ‘face-lift’, and have children at home, will hopefully share the same excitement as I have when the time comes around for creating a bedroom for the little ones. For me, it simply does not get better within the home painting and decorating game, than to be working on a child’s bedroom. The reason I get excited about the challenge of having to design, decorate and furnish a bedroom for a child or children, is because, if it is done well and with a consideration for what that particular child is interested in or obsessed with at the time, then the finishing product will be fully appreciated by the receiving child or children (if there is more than one child sharing the room in question – we have twins at home), more than it would be possible for any adult. This is mainly true because of the wild imagination that we all have as kids, and in how far the imagination can drift when the lights go out – especially if the room the kids are sleeping in is littered with glow in the dark stickers, glow in the dark paints and decorative hanging & fitted objects.  Then there are also the wide range of colours you can apply to a child’s bedroom; the possibilities you have when facing the painting of the walls are literally endless.

Kids Bedroom

Now, I know that you could, if you wanted to, paint any room of your home with a multitude of colours, but I can almost guarantee that if you did, you would end up with a home that felt like organized chaos, and any guests you ever have the pleasure of entertaining will likely get an underlying feeling that there is a possibility that you are a little bit bonkers. However, when it comes to painting your kids bedroom, you can go wild and come up with all sorts of colour coordination’s & get creative when choosing what kind of theme you will be following to help spark your little one’s imaginations, and they will love you for it. For example, when I was a very young lad, of around 4 – 8 years old and was sharing a room with my brother who was 2 years my elder, our parents decided to apply a Jungle styled theme to our bedroom – They painted Giraffes, Lions, Monkeys, Trees, Bushes, Snakes and a number of other wild animals and fauna. They also covered our ceiling with glow in the dark stars and a big moon and my brother and I thought it was simply amazing. I remember sleeping in the top bunk of our beds and the Giraffes head was painted so it was just peering over my bunk and smiling at me – I loved it.

So, if you were not someone who got excited about the necessity to design or decorate a child’s bedroom, perhaps you are now after reading this article and all being well, you will have got some ideas of your own that you now just can’t wait to go ahead and apply to the job at hand.

Bedroom decorations

Our bedroom is our sanctuary and we spend at least one third of our day there. That is precisely why we have to be comfortable while we spend time resting & relaxing in our bedroom.. There are thousands of ways to decorate a bedroom, everything depends on your taste and your preferences but today in we want to tell you about some of the most used and popular styles for bedroom make-overs.


This mix of styles is getting really trendy because of how flexible it is.. Technically, this is not a style itself, but a mix of the decorations that you like the most and think is the best. You pick a little bit of this and a pinch of that and voila, your bedroom is your own eclectic decoration. One thing must be said, the colours, textures and patterns have to fit!


Mediterranean Bedroom

A Mediterranean style bedroom address short pieces of furniture (not the bed of course) with ornately twisted legs and feet. Texture and patterns in walls with many details and elements. With this style we approach the Moor culture which is full of tradition and custom. Tip: we strongly recommend using this decoration along with incense sticks and aromatic aromas..


With this decoration comes glossy furniture, compact colours and elegant accessories that make your bedroom a sober place to sleep and live. Nevertheless, this soberness is broken with pops of colours standing out amongst the other decorations, normally applied to pillows.


Tranquility and peace are the feelings that this type of decoration inspire in a bedroom. Warm and hot colours are brought to furniture in this bedroom design, in which the bed is close to the floor and Asian details decorate the room. This style relies considerably on texture and colour, which is what will give it the Asian identity. Furniture is (preferably) made of bamboo and candles can be used to give that final Asian touch.

This is only 4 of the multiple ways and styles to decorate a bedroom. Now that we have given you some great ideas, it’s your turn to start putting these ideas, and yours, in practice.

I’ve said it plenty of times before and you will hear/read me saying it plentiful times more; you should spare no expense when furnishing, renovating or even just decorating your Bedroom. The reason for feeling so strong about this statement is very clear to me obviously, and honestly I assumed it would be obvious to most people, however I have come to find that it isn’t. As I should have really known; tastes can & will vary tremendously, right from one end of the spectrum to the other and hitting everything in-between.  If you are still wondering why I feel so strongly about spending big, or rather not allowing cost play a part in decision making when buying anything for your bedroom? Well, it is because of three main reasons really, all of which are (in my opinion) highly important and largely influential on the course to living a happy, healthy and wealthy existence.

  1. The bedroom is a room where you will be spending between a quarter and a third of your entire life. So if you will be spending so much of your time in that one place, you should focus on designing in the way that can best support and enhance your happy mood & wellbeing.
  2. The surroundings in your bedroom will be the first things you see when you wake up. As first impressions count in all situations; even the first impressions you have after waking from a restful sleep, it is important that you surround yourself with things that will leave a good first impression. These could be feelings of pride, joy, confidence, determination or anything else that will have a positive impact on your mood.
  3. The bedroom is the place where you will experience you last emotions each and every day/night. It is important to end things on a high and on a positive note, and this should be no different with how one ends their day. If your bedroom is designed and decorated in a way that perfectly meets your tastes and expectations then you will end each day with at least some sense of positivity – even during the darkest hours.

I wonder how many of you that did not agree with me at the start of this post have now changed your minds after reading and understanding my reasons. They are pretty good hey?

Whenever I stay at a hotel (well at least a semi-decent hotel), I always enjoy the most comfortable rest and a great long sleep that is usually well overdue. It is no wonder that they get away with charging so much per night for their rooms when they can offer such a good night’s sleep, but what is it about the hotel beds that make them so great, and why is it so difficult to replicate this same comfort at home?

Hotel beds

Well the secret is usually in the actual bedding and although the mattress and frame will also need to be of a certain quality, the bedding is what maximises the comfort and sends everyone off to Lala land, or the land of the nod without too much trouble and tossing and turning. Most people will try and save a little when it comes to buying pillows, bed sheets and duvets, but this is where we are all going wrong because it is these very items that can have us sleeping much better more frequently. This elevated, improved sleeping will lead to being more alert during the day, being more effective at the office and being more clinical at closing the deals, so it wouldn’t even be long before the money spent would be made back and more!

You need to make sure that you buy the very best cotton sheets, the softest pillows, filled with duck feathers and the same for the duvets. Then the mattress will need to have a nice thick, but soft cover so you cannot feel the springs in the bed, and you have some extra padding. The frame will then need to be strong and sturdy so that you are not rocking the bed and making noise every time you move a limb or turn over during the night. So there you have it, you now know how to get the perfect, hotel kind of sleep at home, so go out, go forth and buy up all the best bed linen and enjoy!

I never actually owned one myself, but have always had an interest in having/owning a water bed of my own. I am not sure about the benefits that having one would bring with it, but it’s just the quirkiness and bring different thing about it that is what probably attracts me most, that and also the child that still lives within. They used to be a lot more popular than now I am sure, because during the late 80’s and early 90’s they appeared all over the place; advertising on TV, the radio, bill boards and all the magazines, they also made an appearance in many films at that time too. Whereas these days the only time I see or hear reference to a waterbed or water mattress is when someone is talking about or referencing something from many years ago – more of a retro era.

What Happened To Water Beds? Or Are They Still A Thing?

After doing some recent research into the topic I have found that there is certainly still a market for waterbeds/water mattresses, and they also are not so expensive too, actually they are a lot more reasonably priced now than they used to be when they were so popular back during the late 80’s. I think that at that time they were well over-priced which is what always put me off investing in one myself; also the thought of the bed popping during a deep sleep was another thought that would always put me off. However with the assurances the retailers give on this popping scenario being one that would just not occur and the modern day cost efficient price tag, I am actually going to go for it and buy my very own water mattress to fit into the spare bedroom (not quite that brave that I would risk the potential wrath of my other half on discovering her new bed is a water bed).

The new technology used in making the water mattresses is one that will ensure a long usage life and also ensure that the mattress maintains its shape, whilst also offering the more comforting, softness and flexibility that you would imaging a water mattress would. The salesperson in the shop also sold me on the benefits that they can have on joints, and the different, deeper sleep that one can enjoy with a water mattress. I get the logic in the way that perhaps it can help alleviate some joint pain with being more of a hugging type of mattress than anything I have had before, so I am keen to now give it a go and see how I like it.

A Dresser Unit or Large Sideboard Unit Is A Perfect Storage Solution for The Bedroom

I can never seem to find enough storage space for all the many items of clothing and other items of clutter I have spread across my bedroom, so it is always a challenge for me to keep my bedroom looking clean and tidy. This messy problem in the bedroom of course drives my other half mad, but honestly she has to take some of the blame as the collection of shoes, dresses and huge amount of perfumes and different make-up lines do not help the matter to say the least. So, to help alleviate this storage, or no storage space issue, we went ahead and invested in a solid oak bedroom sideboard/dresser unit, which I have to say, has made all the difference, and it also looks great.

When we started our search for the right dresser unit we were pleasantly surprised to find that there was a huge variety of options for us to choose between. All budgets and sizes are accounted for when it comes to this type of bedroom and furniture and we ended up with a shortlist of sideboards that all looked fantastic and just as importantly, offered a great deal of space to store away clothing and many other items. We ended up selecting the oak dresser unit as it blended in well with the rest of the furniture in our bedroom and it came at a great, reasonable price.

A Dresser Unit or Large Sideboard Unit Is A Perfect Storage Solution for The Bedroom

The sideboard or dresser furniture units that we shortlisted all contained a shelving unit as well as cupboard storage space, so offering two types of storage solution which I think is important when it comes to this type of furniture. It looks great in the bedroom and has provided the much needed space to store away many items that before would have been lying around the room, cluttering it up and making it look messy. So, if you have this same kind of storage, no storage issue at your home, in your bedroom, then I highly recommend you invest in your own sideboard or dresser unit.

Ignoring the obvious item of bedroom furniture that is the bed, there are two other furnishings that in my opinion should be found in every bedroom. Having storage space and somewhere to neatly keep your valuable collection of clothing is a must and so in respect of this, the two items of furniture that I see as being essential to all bedrooms are:

Two Furniture Units That Every Bedroom Should Have

  1. The Wardrobe; the size of the wardrobe unit will depend on how big your clothing collection is and if you are going to be sharing the space with a partner or sibling. The unit should also be designed in such a way that it offers enough space for all your hanging clothing items like shirts, suits, dresses and jackets/coats, but also offers ample space for folded items too. The folded items space is usually accommodated via a couple shelves or drawers at the bottom of the wardrobe unit, as well as a shelf at the top of the unit, which is where I like to keep my towels and bedding. The wardrobe you invest in should also be designed and made to be durable and solid; there is nothing worse than a wobbly wardrobe with doors that no longer shut and drawers that cannot slide in and out smoothly and efficiently. Also it is best if the wardrobe has its own internal lighting, with a switch fitted to the inside, or an automatic on/off design for when the door/s are opened and closed. For the ideal wardrobe, I also suggest looking for one that has a mirror fitted to the door/s as this is kind of like killing two birds with one stone; everyone likes to have a mirror in their bedroom and this fills that requirement. The mirrors found on wardrobes are also always of a good size, as they fit the length of the door which means the owner can get a glimpse of their entire body before leaving the room and facing the world.Two Furniture Units That Every Bedroom Should Have
  2.  A Chest of Drawers; again, the size and height of this unit will depend on how many items of clothing or valuable belongings you have that you will filling the drawers with, and also if you are going to have to share the space with someone else. The chest of drawers is usually where most people and certainly I like to keep their socks and underwear. The underwear and socks will usually take up one of the drawers or two (depending on how much space is within each drawer) and then the other drawers will be filled with folded items of clothing. I will always keep one of the drawers for my most valuable possessions; things like my watch, jewelry, keys, wallet, phone. Etc. Again it is important to only invest in a well-made, solid unit that is designed to last a lifetime, as otherwise you will soon have drawers falling apart and be losing items of clothing down the back of the unit due to the gaps in the drawers. You want the chest of drawers to look great and feel good, so that you have more pride in your room and feel better about the items you store away within it.

Some Ideas To Help Planning For The Ideal Bedroom Renovation.

Although everyone has different tastes, so not all of our suggestions will be well received by everyone, there are some bedroom furniture essentials that all comfortable, convenient bedrooms will contain. As the bedroom is somewhere that we will be spending a large percentage of our lives, it is certainly worth putting extra effort, more time and more money into the re-design or renovation, and ensure it is just the way each of us wants it. So, take your time to plan out a list of all the decorations and furnishings that you would like to have in yours, and then use that list as reference when measuring up the various items and units you plan to fit into the room so that you can carefully place each item on the list in its more suitable area of the room, while also paying attention to how you can use the different furniture and decorations in a way that they help complement each other.

Although everyone has different tastes, so not all of our suggestions will be well received by everyone, there are some bedroom furniture essentials that all comfortable, convenient bedrooms will contain. As the bedroom is somewhere that we will be spending a large percentage of our lives, it is certainly worth putting extra effort, more time and more money into the re-design or renovation, and ensure it is just the way each of us wants it. So, take your time to plan out a list of all the decorations and furnishings that you would like to have in yours, and then use that list as reference when measuring up the various items and units you plan to fit into the room so that you can carefully place each item on the list in its more suitable area of the room, while also paying attention to how you can use the different furniture and decorations in a way that they help complement each other.

The more obvious furniture units that everyone should have in their own bedrooms are of course a bed, a wardrobe or closet, a chest of drawers or a fitted drawer unit, a mirror, a bedside table or two and a lamp of some sort, ideally a lampshade or two for each of the bedside tables. Then for me, I would also include some sort of console table or desk for studying, a trunk or other type of storage unit, a rug to place on the hard wood floor, preferably a cow-hide rug, a laundry basket and a couple /few paintings/pieces of art to hang on the walls.  I also would opt for extra storage units built into the walls, high up where the wall and ceiling joins, and then below those units or on another wall, I would put up some shelving for stacking a book collection and some important files. Then to complete my ideal bedroom, I would purchase a nice new flat screen TV and place it on top of a stylish cabinet.  If the space I have available in the room is not enough to comfortably fit in a TV Cabinet then I would buy myself some TV wall brackets. The wall brackets for the TV are of course a great space saving solution, and they also offer the flexibility to easily tweak the angle of view for your TV, enabling you to watch your favourite shows from anywhere in your room.

Hopefully reading this post will help you with planning out your perfect bedroom and perhaps it will provide some ideas that you had not been thinking about before. As with so many things in life, achieving great results with your renovation will be heavily relying on the attention applied to the planning. Good luck!

Are Bedside Tables Essential Furniture For The Bedroom?

Have you ever stayed in a place that did not have bedside tables/bedside lamp tables? I recently moved into a new apartment that was sold as being fully furnished, and for the most part it has been great. The furniture is all new and of a high standard – none of it is cheap and uncomfortable, so I have to give the landlord some credit for that, however there is a bit of a lack of units of furniture throughout the entire place. It seems as though there was a budget that needed to be stuck to and rather than buying slightly cheaper furniture and making sure all necessary units could be accounted for, the landlord instead went with the approach of buying only the bare essential, but buying top quality; each unit must have come at a high price. I can’t grumble too much about this though, as honestly this is the way I would also go about furnishing my own place. I firmly believe that when furnishing one’s home, it should be thought of as an investment and you should stick to that approach even if it means having to furnish your home one unit at a time.

bedside table

One unit of furniture that I really noticed missing, as it was making a difference to my day to day living, was the bedside table. I have always lived in a room that had a bedside table, sometimes 2 bedside tables and I guess I had just grown to become too used to having them and making use of them first thing in the morning and last thing at night, so now that I didn’t have a bedside lamp table it was causing me to misplace items, read a lot less and I even felt like it as impacting on the quality of my sleep. Is this just me with this problem or is it the same with everyone else? Perhaps you might not have as strong feelings as I do about needing the bedside tables, but do you see them as being a bare essential in a home/bedroom? If you moved into a ‘fully furnished’ place, would you expect without any questions, that there will be bedside tables?