en-suite bathroom

Wouldn’t it be great if all master bedrooms came with an en-suite bathroom? For me, a master bedroom is not really a master bedroom unless it does come with its own en-suite bathroom, as this is a big part of what makes that ‘master’ bedroom so special. This is especially true if the master bedroom happens to be located in the loft area of the house; if it doesn’t have its own en-suite bathroom upstairs then it would mean the occupant/occupants would have to traverse a set of stairs, twice every time they wanted to/needed to use the bathroom. Having to go up and down a set of stairs every-time I had to use the loo would completely over-shadow the other benefits of the so called master bedroom, in my opinion.

The added luxury that one has when having an en-suite of being able to roll out of bed and go straight into the bath or shower is a big one for me, also it offers another layer of privacy for the occupant of the master bedroom. The en-suite bathroom to that master bedroom will pretty much never be used by anyone apart from the person or persons living in the master bedroom, which is a big benefit if you ask me and I am almost certain that most people would agree. Having to share a bathroom with multiple people is always a drag, even if they are family, so for this reason alone I see the en-suite as really being a necessity.

en-suite bathroom

The en-suite bathroom doesn’t need to be the top of the range, luxurious design though, as long as it has a basin unit, a mirrored wall-hung cabinet, a toilet and a shower unit then I would be happy. Just something that is good enough to offer all the essentials that one might need when using the bathroom and that is fine. The mirrored wall hung cabinet is quite an important fitting though as it is what will offer some much needed storage space, it will add light and the feeling of more space to the room and it is what the man will use when shaving and the woman will use when cleaning her face or applying some type of facial treatment or perhaps make-up. So it is worth investing in a well-made, solid oak mirrored cabinet, just like the ones you will find displayed on the Bathrooms and More Store website – which is actually a great place to shop online for pretty much all your home furniture. If you take your time to browse around their online shop, you will find that they have something for every room of the home and also what they have is all top quality, made to last furniture, so you will be investing in something that will be well worth it.


At the time of decorating our home we have many things in mind (budget, space available, functionality, comfort …), but there is something that most of us usually follow above all. We are talking about the trends that always serve to have an updated house.

Among the most outstanding trends in decoration 2018 it should be mentioned that this season minimalism is still the king of interior design. So, the simplicity in the furniture and the bare decoration, factors that generate a feeling of simplicity and naturalness that are very warm, are the order of the day.


Another style trend in 2018 is the renovated classic style that also becomes very important, so try to combine them to create fun and original environments. Accessories such as vases, paintings, clocks, mirrors and other antique pieces will again be important within the room.

this year the natural thing is the fashion that will make the strongest furniture. So simple materials such as wood, glass, metal, stone or bamboo, among others, predominate. These materials manage to create clean, orderly and very warm spaces, in addition to adding to the trend of ecological and sustainable fashion that is so strong in recent years in fashion and society.


On the other hand, it will become more fashionable to reuse furniture and decorative objects (old ladders, cages, old windows …). For this reason, the recycled decoration will continue to be one of the trends in interior design this year as they add to the natural and ecological trend that we have just told you about. In addition, furniture made from recyclable materials such as walnut, oak, cherry, beech or pine is made. It is also important that you keep in mind that upholstery is trend.


Regarding the trend colors, this year what will take most will be the fresh and cheerful combinations of strong tones with other lighter tones (browns with greens, grays with reds …). The trends in decoration 2018 bet for spaces that are cheerful and very colorful but, yes, creating a good tonal combination that allows us to create pleasant stays to relax and enjoy our home.


Of course, do not forget that the emerald green color is fashionable and, therefore, it is usual that this year you find walls painted with this tone as well as decorative objects or even furniture that are made with this color. The reason is that this color is very linked to vintage fashion and, as we have indicated, it is one of the trendiest styles in the decoration of 2018

world furniture

Actually, these styles are obtained by mixing different elements of various styles of decoration. But it is necessary to know the fundamental aspects of each one, so that you can decorate your home for yourself.


  1. 1. MidCentury Modern

The golden age of this movement that was in the mid-twentieth century and hence the name: Mid Century Modern. The finishes were much simpler, without many details, but with high functionality. Hence, always comply with the characteristics of form and function. It had great boom in the Scandinavian countries, here was betting on a technological design, functional and affordable. (Nordic style) It was a visionary and innovative style for its time that is still valid today especially in furniture, where we find pieces that became icons of design.


Mid Century Modern features:

  • Simple, linear and clean forms of subtle elegance.
  • Elimination of unnecessary details.
  • The forms and structures are shown, they do not hide.
  • Industrial production elements are included in the design.
  • Nature prevails, adapting housing to it and using natural material elements such as wood.
  • Fluency and horizontality between the different spaces of the house.


Ccelebrating the style that is now recognized by scholars and museums worldwide as a significant design movement.


  1. 2. Scandinavian

The Scandinavian style is based on the well-being of people through the creation of a simple environment that transmits peace and tranquility. The pursuit of happiness is the main purpose of this decoration, which, through the small details, tries to create an environment that favors calm enjoying the little things in life


Characteristics of the Scandinavian style:


  • Simplicity, uniformity of colors
  • Soft contours.
  • Balance of organic and industrial materials.
  • Furniture of simple, contemporary and functional forms.
  • Basic elements but that bring warmth and comfort to the environment.
  • Light colors, white, beige or gray.


Scandinavian style as well as the simply classic one is accepted worldwide.


  1. 3. Bohemain

The decoration of Bohemia captures the free and adventurous spirit of the avant-garde lifestyle. Hippie chic represents the lifestyle of people who enjoy simple things, contact with nature. The key is present a purposefully “messy” look.


The Bohemian style is characterized by:


  • Use natural materials, wood, animal skin in contrast to metallic details. Layer on textiles (throws, pillows, rugs, tapestry) for a warm ambience.
  • Ethnic and nomadic elements, such as Moroccan accessories or tribal designs.
  • Use of rich and creative prints of vibrant colors, in purple or red tones.


The bohemian style is accepted and used by people that have an unconventional way of life, usually artistic


  1. 4. Classic renovated or modern classic

Its most current, since there are few whose renew their house or premises with the purest version. The classic style has evolved towards more contemporary environments leaving behind, the heaviness of the fabrics and the noble woods.


Tips to get a classic decoration renovated:


  • Contrast between the clarity of white walls and the generally dark furniture, although you can also see completely clear spaces. (Both the space and the furniture).
  • Traditional forms such as moldings on walls, ceilings and doors, skirting boards of considerable height are maintained.
  • Furniture of simpler lines of conservative essence, are combined with high quality fabrics. Smooth or with subtle patterns of soft colors that hardly stand out.
  • Mix of more modern pieces through its design or its finishing material. Like the contrast of sofa in tufted glass tables and shiny metal.


The renovated or modern classic styles are also accepted by people. In general, we can find these in such places as houses, hotels, companies and apartments.


  1. 5. Industrial

The industrial style, also known as loft style. It is a decorative style that has its origin in the typical architecture of the industry. An unpretentious architecture and visual appeal that has to do with its exposed brick structure and its materials. Emphasis is placed on the liberal use of exposed steel with wooden elements. A more modern variant, includes accents in copper tones. A rough, rustic, and cold


Tips to get an industrial style:

  • Large windows
  • Materials seen and worn, such as: brick, cement and lots of steel.
  • Pillars and exposed beams
  • Conduits and pipes of the facilities in sight
  • Diaphanous spaces, wide, without partition, with very high ceilings


Industrial style; now really popular in Thailand because this style is unique and attractive people with a rough, rustic, and cold